Felting weedmat

It has been a busy week. Since setting up my studio I have used my felting machine, which we imported from Canada. The fibre I am using to make weed mat is the fibre you would normally throw away... It does take a while to felt being so hairy but once felted it lasts on my garden for about 2 years and looks so much better than black weed mat as it is neutral colours and blends in.

I aim to make enough to do all my gardens, as they evolve. It holds the moisture and keeps the ground warmer in the winter.

Here are some photos of the process.... Takes about 1 hour to do 2 pieces at the same time. Just need to get hubby to design a rack that rolls so I can turn them end for end easier as when they are loaded with water they get really heavy to lift.

Felting machine

The different stages of the felting- laying fibre out, wetting with hot soapy water, closing lid down, felt, roll it up and turn it over, felt, rinse, spin 3 minutes in washing machine, dry and hey presto you are ready to go....

As you can see I put bubble wrap between each layer so I can do more than one piece at once.

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