Bus Tour -54 people from Te Awamutu

Had a lovely afternoon with fifty four people from Te Awamutu visit the llamas. The day was lovely and warm so nice for everyone to be out in the sunshine and amongst these regal animals. They could not get over how friendly they were. These Te Awamutu group had lunch at the NIght Owl before continuing onto us to learn and meet the llamas. The llamas were their normal inquisitive selves and won the hearts of many.

After the talk and when I could tear them away from my girls, we had afternoon tea up at my house, where they learnt about eco friendly homes and enjoyed our 360 degree view. They also had the opportunity to see what you could do with llama fibre and purchase scarves, fibre to knit or weave with.

A very enjoyable afternoon and once again I meet people who used to work with my Mum or knew my daughter or someone else. A small world....

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