Oops been a bit slack - sorry

Hi everyone. Been really slack at doing my blogs.... something taking me a bit of getting used to doing regularly especially in my busy life. Hopefully I am going to do it this time and post something every week. A lot has been happening and I will just post over time as we are now into our off season where we don't do treks and tours as the weather is totally unpredictable and it is usually too wet underfoot. so not pleasant. Through this winter season I will be busy looking after the llamas, moving the dairy grazers, putting up electric fences and pulling them down, for the grazers and hopefully landscaping. Our B & B side of the business will still carry on as normal, with June just about booked out through Airbnb or through llama website. Will keep me busy but looking forward to the break.

Today we have 250 scouts plus their leaders and helpers plus people to run seven different bases descend on us. This has been happening on our farm for 43 years. The kids do things like archery, shooting, abseiling, caving, motor bike riding, 4 wheel drive & flying fox. They love the challenge and hopefully the weather will fine up (though not looking to good at moment). It is great being able to give kids something that they wouldn't normally get the chance to do.

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