Weaving with Llama Fibre

Well last weekend was a bit different for us... While Bob stayed at home and did general maintainence on our 100 acres and then managed to shear 10 llamas without my help I went on a 2 day weaving course. Something I haave been wanting to do for a while as I have a 4 shaft and an 8 shaft table loom plus a big 8 peddle floor loom and a tapestry loom (this is sounding scary) that I want to use. Will probably sell the tapestry loom but keep the floor loom as I want to do throws and rugs out of llama fibre on them...lots of learning to come but very keen after my weekend course.

Anyway a photo of my sampler so far.... took just under a day ( 9.30 to 3.30 the course ran each day) to learn how to thread a 4 shaft loom....!!!! Will get quicker the more I do thread them.... (I hope). The sunday we were given a piece of paper with 62 different weaving patterns to do! So far I have done 14! We do about 5cm of each pattern. Must admit have only had a spare 30-60 minutes each day to weave. Just need a couple of wet days and I will get it done easy....

My next project will be cushion covers as I will have to work out how many warp threads I need as well as lenght, allow for shrinkage and everything else..... Just reading this sounds time consuming and complicated but I am really enjoying the weaving and looking forward to doing a colour and weave course at some stage....

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