Trekking with the Mitchell Family

A lovely day with a lovely family. Parents and 4 Children, 2 girls and 2 boys. All had a llama each. Two of the llamas were in training...first time with packs on their backs and the 7th llama we took had never been trekking before today. He was one, when shearing, we thought oh he might make a good trekking llama. All the llamas did really well and so did the people. Walked about 6 km, had a picnic lunch beside Mangotaki River and a swim as well.... only those that wanted and I was not one (lol's for those that know me well!) Bob and I swapped jobs for a change...usually he leads, with a llama and I get to go tail end charlie in case someone needs help! Was a nice change.

Oh that view...

Lunch spot

Homeward bound

All in all agreat afternoon. Our llamas in training did really well.... we had 3 of them...Robin Hood had never done a trek before. Pao Dablo and Ranja carried packs for the first time....Scary for them but they were awesome... Maybe some of it had to do with the people leading them....??? The Mitchell's stayed in our self contained accommodation for 2 nights.

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