Why Llamas

  • LLAMAS are beautiful, dignified and intelligent. They are also a lot of fun.arapae_face.jpg
  • PETS. With such a gentle nature llamas make excellent pets for all ages. They are safe around children, the elderly, disabled or handicapped people.
  • TREKKING AND PACKING. Llamas make wonderful trekking partners. With soft leather pads on their feet , they can do little environmental damage. They can also carry 1/3 of their body weight. Whether you want to go on a picnic or a 4 day hike, llamas make the ideal companion and carrier.
  • CARTING. Llamas can be easily trained to pull a cart on their own or in pair's or triple hitched. It is only in recent years that llamas have been trained to pull carts. Llamas pulling carts have been clocked at doing speeds of 45 km per hour!!
  • PR AND THERAPY ANIMALS. Llamas are really great in the public. They can be used in Xmas Parades, Weddings, Shows, Charity Days or just taken out for fun. Because of their sensitive nature, llamas are often used as therapy animals with the sick, elderly, handicapped and young people.baraullio_dressed_for_xmas_parade.jpg
  • FIBRE. Llamas produce a strong, soft low micron fibre. Because of it's natural insulation quality, llama fibre produces great thermal warmth.
  • SHOWING. Llamas are showed and judged for their conformation, fibre types and also their ability to do obstacle courses.