Welcome to Greenmount Llamas



Situated in the picturesque King Country,
in the small town of PioPio, North Island, New Zealand.

...Beautiful, dignified and intelligent, with a curious nature
and a natural curiosity.

Llamas make great pets.
Whether you have male llamas or female llamas, they are the most intelligent, sensitive, gentle and curious natured animal to own as pets. Llamas just love being with people.

Llamas are great for Lifestyle Blocks. With a low protein diet they don't require top quality pasture. Llamas also have minimal health requirements, making them ideal for lifestyle block situations as they are not expensive to look after.

Llamas have a fine, soft, lustrous, lanoline free fibre starting from 18 microns. Llama fibre is used for spinning, knitting, weaving and felting. As llama fibre is lanoline free, people who have allergies to wool can often wear llama fibre.

Llamas have been used as a beast of burden over the last 5000 years in South America. They can carry up to one third of their body weight.

Come trekking with our beautiful llamas, over our farm which is situated in PioPio. King Country, North Island, New Zealand and enjoy the natural landscape with its native bush, limestone rock formations and clean clear waters of the Mokau River and Mangotaki River. Here you can enjoy a homemade country lunch and a glass of wine and relax to the sounds of the country, while the llamas rest near by.

Our Trekking season has now started! Book your trek now

Self contained accomodation now available

Greenmount Llamas have some lovely quiet natured male llamas with great conformation and size, lustrous fibre and clean bloodlines that are now available for outside matings.

Check out our 'Sires for Outside Matings' page to see who is available for your llamas and contact us today.

What is happening on the farm?
The trekking season has started though the weather is not being very kind to us for the trekking.
The llamas are waiting to be shorn and some females due to have crias in a couple of months.
Keep checking back as this website is about to be updated.
We have some gorgeous fibre about to be processed with a variety of colours. We also have a baby range of quality handmade garments. Look for the garments page coming soon...
Are you a homespinner, felter, weaver or knitter? We have a good range of rovings & spun fibre for sale , various colours.
Trekking  has started for this season, weather dependant of course. Book your trek now & enjoy our beautiful country, the peace & tranquility & some good homemade country cuisine. Book now... don't miss out!
Gift vouchers are available.