About Us

Greenmount Llamas is situated off State Highway 3 just out of a town called PioPio, in the centre of the North Island, New Zealand. We have 1500 acres of mostly rolling, with some steeper country, on which we farm sheep and beef as well as llamas. The llama side of the operation is run as a registered stud.

We bought our first 2 llamas, as pets, in July 2001. Within the first couple of months we knew we wanted to go further - breeding.

Our aim with our llamas is too breed for: good conformation, good nature and fine fibre.

Our llamas can be handled by all age groups - young, elderly, disabled, for any occasion - Xmas Parades, Weddings, Trekking, to visit schools and kindergartens,or just a fun day out with good natured dignified and intelligent, gentle animals.

Our door is always open to visitors.